Jabba Sindicate reviews

hire a hitman

(link with proxy for usually browser) http://hundxpjpf754ly5lrm566ntjijdf35qshkw6sh3ybsunt75ukim2dgid.onion.ly
Link for TOR browser http://hundxpjpf754ly5lrm566ntjijdf35qshkw6sh3ybsunt75ukim2dgid.onion Another one of their websites: http://x3udzbzxkcfppz3flpexrrcqtbv4m6vttv7hsdycntdgeapuhfwpolyd.onion.
The only at least somewhat serious site, very much want to hope that there will be at least 2 services killers to compete. Contract murder price from $15,000.

This site immediately asks to see videos of guns firing with and without silencers, trying as much as possible to show that this is really a team of killers. In the arsenal of killers: PM 9*18 with silencer and laser sight. Firing pen under 22lr, AK-103 assault rifle with optical sight and silencer, as there is a stun baton to stun potential victims, a pistol Tara tm9 with a laser sight. Nearby lies a piece of paper with their contacts and the address of the site in TOR, video in high resolution, video editing is impossible.
In addition, there is a thread on the verified Russian-language crime forum with positive reviews: http://b45aqyhwqsnnr7ljygvdwhlsmzhxsevaab2au6hvroasyhxbxw6q4ayd.onion/threads/najm-killerov-mo-i-sankt-peterburg.87/
This is currently the ONLY real site on the darknet with killers. There is no doubt about the seriousness of the site.

The site is honest


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