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Ordering a murder on the Internet. Real service or another scam? Many people go through some events that push them to rash decisions. As a result of a strong emotional shock from the fact that their loved one, colleague or neighbor insulted them, even the most law-abiding citizen may consider the most extraordinary options for

Hiring a killer on the Internet. Frauds or professionals?

Today, thanks to the existence and rapid development of the virtual space of the web, each user can find and order any service, even without leaving home, if they wish so. Can you hire a hitman through the World Wide Web? In this article, we will try to sort out this rather delicate issue together

How Much Does a Killer Cost?

Cost of Killer Services on the Black Market Unfortunately, people are briefly taught how to make websites in computer science classes in village schools, but there is nothing exciting to do in the village. This leads to some beautiful and not very beautiful websites offering killer services. As you may have guessed, the only thing

Want to order a murder

Can you order a murder or a battery on the Internet? In a fit of anger, even the most calm and sane person may begin to consider extraordinary methods to punish their offender, including hiring a killer for violent revenge. Wanting to order a murder is a desire that can occur to all of us,

Ordering a murder on the web

When difficult life situations arise, each of us reacts differently. Some fall into depression, others take poorly thought-through actions. To solve the problem, impulsive people sometimes resort to the most desperate measures, in particular, they decide to order the murder of their competitor, their unfaithful spouse or another person who complicates their life. Desperate times

Ordering a Killer for Wife

How do I order a killer for my wife? The reasons for wanting to kill your own wife or mistress can be different: a desire to get a good inheritance, not wanting to share your business / property in case of divorce, you want a new wife, or the reason is that she found out

Killers of Russia

Killer wanted On the web, you can find plenty of ads for elimination services. Unfortunately, there is no way to check such performers for honesty or their character … You can also find requests for the service from customers who don’t know how to use the Internet, they become a victim of frauds in 95%

Hiring a killer

Hiring a killer through the Internet. Is it possible? Wishing to get rid of your unfaithful spouse, colleague or competitor, anyone in a fit of anger and despair can think about ordering a killer. To our great regret, such an idea can arise even in the head of a sensible person, so, uncontrollable emotions are

Where can I find a killer

Where can I find a professional performer? In a fit of anger and despair, offended and frustrated people wonder where they can find a professional killer. I would like to note right away that we don’t approve of such decisions and believe that one can find a way out of any, even the most difficult,

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Killer services on the Internet. Real or fake? In a complicated matter, many people, in a fit of anger and despair, consider the most extreme solutions to their problem, including hiring a professional killer. No matter how scary it may sound, literally anything can push even the calmest person to this idea. Hiring a killer