Killer prices

Killer prices

Killer services on the Internet. Real or fake?

In a complicated matter, many people, in a fit of anger and despair, consider the most extreme solutions to their problem, including hiring a professional killer. No matter how scary it may sound, literally anything can push even the calmest person to this idea.

Hiring a killer on the Internet. Is it possible?

A professional killer, whose service price directly depends on the complexity of the order, does not provide their services on the Internet.

It’s quite obvious, because no sensible person, whose main goal is to protect their confidentiality, will openly advertise themselves on public resources and offer murder for money.

Despite these self-explanatory facts, a certain request on the web can get you a long list of websites that offer criminal services for relatively small monetary fees. I would like to say right away that only scammers are engaged in this type of “activity”. Their main task is to make quick money on gullible clients.

Thys type of a killer in Moscow, whose price of “help” sometimes makes only a few thousand rubles, simply robs gullible visitors of their website, after which they disappear out of the blue. Even a completely reasonable and sane person can fall for the bait of such scammers. In order to make you trust them, such “pros” go to all sorts of tricks and use simple psychological techniques. And even though a person who is in complete emotional calm can see signs of fraud, a visitor who is stressed and desperate will hardly pay any attention to them.

Prices for killers in Russia

Scammers offer killer services, the price for which, as a rule, is divided into two parts. You are asked to make a pre-payment to confirm the seriousness of your intentions, and then they promise to complete the order within the deadline you set. This is where the fun begins. Here you are waiting for the date “X” with bated breath, trying to overcome the doubts that pop up in your head again and again, you lose your sleep and appetite, etc. What is the bottom line? The appointed time passes, but there are no results! Duh! What did you expect? After all, the “killer” you hired has already done his job – they ripped you off!

How can I detect scammer killers?

How do you order a killer price? Of course, we would love if you never have to even search for such people, but if you are still interested in how to detect scammers who play with people’s feelings for profit, then we recommend that you learn about the information below.

  • A big number of creepy photos. The first and foremost sign of a scam is that killers offered their services on public media. If this fact doesn’t stop you and your interest has only increased, then when you open it, pay attention to the style of page design. A large number of “scary” photos of people in masks, car accidents, weapons, etc. indicates that the owners of the resource are trying to make you trust in their “organization”.
  • Login protection. When you try to access the website, you may see that for security reasons you need to take a short test. It can consist of a selection of pictures, words, or even a series of questions. It depends on how “correctly” you pass the test whether you will be redirected to the main page of the “killers” or a third-party game resource. This trick creates the illusion that the website owners really fear for their privacy and, therefore, are actually providing services of a criminal nature.
  • The cost of service. How much is a human life worth? Someone will say that it is priceless, while someone will not hesitate to voice the exact number, and not the most significant one. The price of a killer in Russia on the websites of scammers is not the highest. This is done in order not to scare away the person too soon.
  • Discussion of details. After reading the “useful” information, you can contact directly the contractor (well, that’s what they call themselves) and discuss all the details of the upcoming “case”. They describe their previous completed orders in great detail, they suggest possible scenarios, etc. At the same time, the conversation is very pretentious and sounds more like lines from some gangster movies. When a person speaks as if it is a script, one can understand that their speech is a sample. This should raise suspicion at least among sensible people.

As you can see, it’s simply impossible to hire a killer price on the Internet, since in this case you simply risk becoming another victim of experienced scammers and losing all your savings, or even getting into debt.