Ordering a murder on the web

Ordering a murder on the web

When difficult life situations arise, each of us reacts differently. Some fall into depression, others take poorly thought-through actions. To solve the problem, impulsive people sometimes resort to the most desperate measures, in particular, they decide to order the murder of their competitor, their unfaithful spouse or another person who complicates their life.

Desperate times call for desperate measures?

Who will dare to hire a killer? unfortunately, almost anything can push a normal person to such actions. In this case, everything depends on the level of moral stability and reason.

Impulsive people, in a fit of anger and despair, come to this solution for a number of reasons:

  • Cheating spouse. The husband found out that his wife had an affair with her colleague or even their mutual friend and decided to punish the unfaithful spouse or hit her lover. The opposite situation is also quite possible: the wife found out that her husband was cheating on her, and decided to order the murder of her husband.
  • Competitors. Unfortunately, people are often driven to such actions by wanting to get rid of their competitors. A desperate person fearing bankruptcy decides to order a contract murder in order to eliminate a competitor who is rapidly developing their business and won’t stop until they achieve monopolization in their industry.
  • Inheritance. As sad as it may sound, many people, wishing to receive an inheritance from an elderly relative as soon as possible, decide to order the murder of their mother or father. They don’t want to wait until the person falls to the afterlife, and try to speed up the process of receiving money, real estate, etc.
  • Quick profit. Often the motive for such crimes is quick money. A person doesn’t want to share income with a partner and is eager to be in charge of the company, so they take desperate actions blinded by their greed.

People decide on ordering the murder of their wife, husband, colleague, partner, etc. only in a fit of rage, therefore they can’t truly evaluate the horror of their intentions. Blinded by anger and resentment, even the most “quiet” and law-abiding citizen may begin to think about committing a terrible act, which will be simply impossible to fix in the future.

Can you hire a killer on the Internet?

Can you order a murder online? By no means! Of course, today on the Internet, with the any request, you can find a huge number of websites that offer such “services”. However, it is worth thinking over the situation with reason. Do you think a person providing criminal services will advertise themselves on public networks? Of course not! Murder is not hooliganism and you can’t get off with a fine for committing it.

We would like to say right away that when you “collaborate” with a killer, you become an accomplice in a crime and you face a considerable sentence. So, even if you leave out the moral side of the issue, hiring a professional killer remains a rather difficult business with a lot of consequences. That is why, before even starting to think about how to order the murder, think about how this event will turn out for you.

So, what can you find on current websites that offer killer services? the only thing you will find there is a huge number of problems. Such resources are created solely for the purpose of quick profit on gullible clients. How does it work? Everything is pretty simple!

You find the right website in the list shown by the search engine and, having opened it, begin to study the information. To attract your attention, scammers fill the sections of the resource with all kinds of photographs of people in masks, images of the most cutting-edge weapons, and sometimes even offer you to read the reviews of satisfied customers!

Then, if you want to order a murder online, you contact the “performer” by phone or e-mail. You are offered several scenarios, in particular, a fatal accident, an accident at work, or even poisoning.

Assassination order

In addition, such “pros” may offer you to order your own murder after which you, of course, will remain alive, but your competitors and enemies won’t know about it. According to the scammers, this is how you can start a new life, but in fact, you will simply be left without money, since no one is going to do anything for you. Scammers only need your money and in order to get them out of you, they will resort to all tricks, including simple psychology.

After you solve all the minute details with the pseudo-killer, you will be offered options for making a pre-payment. According to the scammers, this procedure is mandatory, as it confirms the seriousness of your intentions. You send money, and in most cases, it is a fairly large amount of money, and then you wait. Only a few days later you realize that you have become the main character of the scam. What’s the bottom line?

  1. You have sinned by just thinking about the possibility of ordering the murder of your relative, colleague, competitor, etc.
  2. To make a pre-payment, you most likely completely emptied your pockets or even got into debts.
  3. You cannot tell your friends, family, or, of course, a police officer about the fact that you were “scammed”.
  4. You will never be able to find your offenders, even if you put all the effort in the world.
  5. The person you intended to kill. They live happily as ever, and you have not only have fallen into depression due to a series of unpleasant events, your financial situation is now deep in the dark hole.

As you can see, ordering a suicide or murder can negatively affect not only your peace of mind, but can also lead to bankruptcy. We believe that even the most difficult situation can always be resolved peacefully without violence.

Why would you risk your health, money and freedom if you can resolve conflicts of interest with your relatives, colleagues and even competitors through constructive conversation in a calm atmosphere