Want to order a murder

Want to order a murder

Can you order a murder or a battery on the Internet?

In a fit of anger, even the most calm and sane person may begin to consider extraordinary methods to punish their offender, including hiring a killer for violent revenge. Wanting to order a murder is a desire that can occur to all of us, however, some of us immediately put it down, while others do search for a performer.

Hiring a killer online. Beware of fraud!

Today we buy all goods and services on the Internet. It is not surprising that when it comes to hiring a killer, impulsive people first open up a search engine and type in this query. Oddly enough, but in this case, the user can observe a rather long list of websites on which “specialists” offer their services quite openly. Is it possible to order a murder online through such resources? Of course not! Think for yourself, can a real contract killer, whose activity is illegal, advertise themselves on public resources?

Only scammers take up such “work” today. Their main task is to make money quickly at the expense of naive people. How does it work? Well, for example, under the influence of negative emotions you made the following (not the most correct) decision: I want to order a murder of such and such with the help of third parties. With this goal in mind, you first open the Internet and find a list of “specialized” websites.

The whole process can be divided into the following stages:

  1. You go to the selected resource and look at the information offered there. In order to give you the “right” impression, the scammers fill the website with a huge number of photos of weapons, creepy images of car accidents and masked people armed head to toe.
  2. Without realizing it, you start trusting in the website and think that you will get the help here. You decide that it is with the help of these assassins you can order a murder in Ukraine and immediately contact the “professionals”.
  3. The “assassin” answers you and in tells about the previously completed orders in all detail, and also offers several scenarios for the deal. If you evaluate the situation accordingly, you will notice that the “killer” speaks as if they read a script and simply manipulates you in order to lull your vigilance. Unfortunately, not every visitor can understand that they are speaking with scammers and trust their every word.
  4. After a long conversation trying to win you over, the scammer asks you to transfer a pre-payment for the services to the specified account. As a rule, this amount exceeds 50% of the total cost of a murder, but people, without hesitation, collect the necessary money and send it to the “killer”.
  5. After you have sent the money, it will take at least a few days before you begin to realize that you were simply scammed. When the realization of everything that happened comes, you will regret it and blame yourself for even wanting to order a battery of a person and asking strangers for help.

Why is such fraud thriving?

It’s quite simple. The fact is that a person can decide to hire a killer only when they are in an extremely unstable emotional state. Resentment and hatred overshadow common sense and push them to extreme measures. Fraudsters are well aware of this and they simply use your temporary weakness to achieve their selfish goals.

Fraudsters know how to use various psychological tricks and think through everything, including the style of their websites and their content. They playing smart on your feelings, suck money out of you, without even planning to provide any service.

If you visit such websites in a normal emotional state, you can immediately see how implausible everything is. Detailed images, as well as textual information, are copy-pasted from other sources, not even related to this type of activity. The pages are designed in a rush and contain a large number of grammatical and punctuation errors, and a person posing as a killer communicates with you according to a script and in tells you in great detail how to order the murder of a person and eliminating the body without any evidence.

Ordering a battery of a person

The result of such collaboration is always the same: you are left alone with your problems and your financial situation is in a worse place than before, since in order to pay for the services of the “killer” you had to collect all your savings or even go into debt.

We believe that ordering a battery or taking a life is a huge mistake that in any case can destroy your life. Any problem, even the most critical one, can always be resolved peacefully.

Why go to extreme measures and then become a victim of terrible consequences, if there is always an opportunity to resolve issues by civilized methods?