Killers of Moscow

Killers of Moscow

Killer services in Moscow. Real specialists or scammers?

Because of a huge fight or emotional shock, impulsive people take the most desperate measures and, in particular, decide to order the services of a killer in Moscow. Unfortunately, almost anything can push a person to such thoughts. In this article, we would like to discuss the possibility of hiring a killer through the internet. Is it possible? What should you be afraid of when looking for this kind of service?

Hiring a killer. What pushes people to such extreme measures?

Let’s first talk about the moral side of the issue.

What can push a law-abiding and sane citizen to take extreme measures and search for a killer to eliminate the “annoying” person? there may be several reasons:

  • Inheritance. It may sound quite sad, but most often the cause is the desire to receive the long-awaited inheritance that pushes people to extreme measures. An old grandmother lives alone in a huge apartment in the central part of the city and is not planning to die. In order to get the real estate faster, her relative decides to order the services of a killer in Moscow prices.
  • Competitors. In order to avoid bankruptcy, the owners of business objects use the most extraordinary methods, including hiring a killer to eliminate competitors.
  • Desire for quick profit. In order to “get their hands on” the company, entrepreneurs decide to order a killer to eliminate their partners. There is only one purpose which is receiving all the profit from the business.

Greed, anger and hatred are the main motivators for extreme actions. Due to a strong emotional shock, a person cannot reasonably evaluate the current situation, therefore, they decide to take extreme measures, without even thinking about the terrible implications. People are looking for “specialized” websites and post advertisements: “looking for a killer urgent good fee”, “urgently need the services of a killer,” and so on. and do not even think about what it might turn out to be for them.

Can you hire a killer on the Internet?

Naive people believe that contract murder, just like other goods and services, can be ordered on the Internet. Luckily, this is not true. Think for yourself, what kind of a killer, whose main goal is to protect their privacy, would advertise themselves on public servers?

Killer services in Moscow

Then why can you find a whole series of ads and websites on which Moscow killers offer their services today, when you type in this query into a search engine? The fact is that such information is posted by scammers whose sole purpose is to make money at the expense of naive citizens. Who takes this information seriously? This is done by people who, due to serious shocks, are in an extremely unstable psychological state. In such cases, impulsiveness prevails over logic and the person “rushes” in search of the killer in order to take revenge on the offender. At these moments, people don’t consider neither the degree of risk nor the possible consequences.

How does it work? Let’s say you wondered how much it costs to order a murder and in order to find out the necessary information you surfed the Internet. When you enter such a request, you immediately discover a list of websites on which real killers allegedly work. Further, all stages of such “collaboration” can be divided into several stages:

  1. You go to the selected website and learn about the information offered there. More often than not, you won’t find anything useful on these resources. All content there exists for one purpose only, i.e. to give you the impression that you have come to the right place and your tasks will get done.
  2. After seeing numerous photos, you contact the “performers”. They tell you in all details about their completed orders and offer several murder scenarios. A sensible person will immediately understand that the speech of the “killer” is more like a scheme that was created by some experienced people. In most cases, naive visitors don’t pay much attention to how the “killer liquidator” communicates, as they want only one thing – a quick result.
  3. When the scammer realizes that you are “hooked”, they offer you a pre-payment, which in most cases is much more than 50% of the total amount. You are told that this procedure is mandatory, because it will make it clear that your intentions are serious, and you won’t give up the last second.
  4. You immediately transfer funds to the account specified by the scammer and begin to wait impatiently for the “X” day. The realization that you were simply scammed, alas, does not come right away. But when such a moment comes, you feel despair along with relief. You didn’t make the worst mistake in your life, but paid for the lesson with your financial well-being.