The Website of Killers

The Website of Killers of Russia.

Ordering a killer on the Internet. Real service or scam?

Today, on the Internet, when you type in a query into a search engine, you can find anything, including the website of killers. Is it possible to order a murder online? Should you trust ads of this kind? What are the consequences of this kind of “collaboration”? In this article, we will try to figure it out with you.

Killers on the Internet. How do you detect scammers?

As a matter of fact, today, on the Internet, we are used to looking for any goods and services, so it’s quite logical to assume that when a person decides to order a murder, first things first, they open their search engine. Is it possible to find an official website of the killers on the Internet? It is! Are there really “specialists” who are ready to provide criminal services? Of course not! Think for yourself, what kind of killer, whose primary task is to stay confidential, will post their ad on public servers to attract customers?

Surely, based on all this, you can ask a quite reasonable question: who actually works on such websites? The fact is that only experienced fraudsters are engaged in this type of “activity”. They post advertisements on the Internet and even create websites on which they impersonate professional killers who are ready to execute an order for a relatively small fee.

The website for killer services created by scammers can be detected by the following main details:

  • A large number of photos. Scammers fill the sections of the site with a huge number of creepy photos from car accidents, detailed images of firearms and cold weapons, as well as masked armed men with angry faces. Looking through such photos, you unconsciously begin to think that you have come to the right place and they will definitely help you with your plan.
  • Content. As a rule, the website of killers in Cherkessk does not have a very dense content. You see articles that are not designed in the best way and in most cases contain a large number of grammatical errors. All information is often simply copied from other sources that have nothing to do with this type of activity. A reasonable person will immediately notice the catch, but a visitor in an unstable emotional state is unlikely to tell what is what.
  • Prices. Scammer sometimes don’t mention the cost of the killer services, but if there is such information in a certain section, it’s usually surprisingly affordable. This technique is used in order not to scare off a potential victim and make it clear that the website of hired killers operates at affordable rates for everyone.
  • Reviews. In our opinion, this part of the scam site is the most interesting. They post on their pages supposed comments of alleged satisfied customers, and then, the content and the number of errors just leaves you speechless. After a good laugh, when you decide to add your review, you won’t succeed, since such an option is initially blocked by the owners of the resource themselves.

In addition to such resources for naive people who want to take revenge on their bullies with the help of third parties, there are also websites for the killer to find a customer for experienced killers. Both the first and second cases are blatant scams, and such resources are created only for the purpose of quick profit.

Scammer killers on the Internet. Why is it working?

If everyone understands perfectly well that hiring a killer on the Internet is an impossible task, why do websites offering such services still exist? The fact is that scammers competently think over every little detail starting from the style of page design to the strategy of negotiating with customers. They know simple psychological techniques and shy away from any methods to achieve their goals.

Website of assassins

We can assume that only a person who has experienced severe emotional rollercoaster can look for services of this kind. In this state, they cannot adequately evaluate their decisions and actions, and the scammers are well aware of this.

The killer website in Russia, which employs experienced scammers, attracts naive people and most often brings the attackers the expected results. Even the most reasonable person can buy into a professional lie and become a victim of fraud.

Our blog was created specifically to debunk myths about the possibility of arranging murder through the Internet. We will systematically add reviews of fraudulent sites, and expose scammers of different categories. To keep abreast of all the news, systematically check for updates on our website. We hope the information we offer will be useful and interesting for you.