Working as a killer

Working as a killer

Can I hire a professional killer through the Internet?

After watching crime series, many people seriously consider the possibility of hiring a killer to solve their problem. Moreover, there are those who are thinking about such an option as working as a killer in Moscow. In our opinion, both the first and second options are more than meaningless and stupid. We would like to devote this article to a discussion of what exactly leads a person to such thoughts and what are the consequences of this.

Killers on the web. Pros or con artists?

In the opinion of many, working as a killer is not that difficult. Of course, if you draw conclusions only from the TV series about gangsters, then that’s true. If you try to think logically, you can understand that this type of “employment” is not suitable for everyone because of some special specifics.

Despite the fact that such “work” is illegal today on the Internet, when you enter the corresponding request, you can find a huge number of “job offers”. I would like to clarify right away that the job of an assassin for a vacancy in Moscow offered on public networks is nothing more, nothing less than an elementary fraud. This way they are simply trying to attract you to their website, which in most cases has nothing to do with even a “standard” job search.

Apart from job offers, today you can also find advertisements, and even entire websites, on which people offer contract murders for a relatively small fee. Is it worth trusting such information? Of course not!

Looking for killer job offers

Not a single reasonable person will advertise themselves on the public network. Only scammers, which there are plenty of on the Internet today, can do this. Such people create entire websites with only one goal – quick profit at the expense of gullible people. On such resources, you can see a killer vacancy, as well as to carry out contract killings in any of the scenarios you choose. Who visits such websites? Basically, the “clients” of such scammers are people who, due to the current life situation, are in a state of emotional shock and, accordingly, cannot adequately evaluate the rationality of their actions.

The desire to hire a killer mainly appears in the following cases:

  • Cheating wife. The husband found out that his wife had an affair with her colleague or even a mutual friend and, in a fit of jealousy, decided to turn to “professionals” in order to punish the traitors. The opposite situation: the wife found out that her beloved man has a mistress and wants to punish the unfaithful spouse.
  • Competitors. A competing company is rapidly developing and kicking other organizations out of their niche. To avoid bankruptcy and return the previous level of profitability of the enterprise, a person may decide to “remove” the owner of a competing organization.
  • Inheritance. Everyone’s “beloved” grandmother lives in a three-room apartment in the city center and has no intention of dying. In order to get the real estate, sometimes greedy relatives decide to involve a killer to make the day of getting this real estate come faster.

These are by no means all the reasons why working as a killer in Ufa attracts the attention of naive and angry people. Unfortunately, a person can make the decision to hire a killer even for the most seemingly trifle reason.

How do scammers operate?

To everyone’s luck, everything that is offered on the Internet is nothing more than another “scam”. Don’t believe me? Well then, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information offered below.

How is “cooperation” with pseudo killers usually carried out? The process can be divided into several main stages:

  • You find a website on the web or advertisements of the following character “looking for a job as a killer”, “I will carry out a murder to order”, etc. and click the link.
  • It shows you a huge amount of information that in most cases is not useful, but exists only to gain your trust and lull your vigilance.
  • then you contact the “killers” by phone or e-mail, and they tell you all details about completed orders and offer possible scenarios for eliminating a person.
  • You feel ready to soak up everything they say and that you will get help here. As soon as the scammer realizes that you already believe them, you are offered a pre-payment, allegedly in order to confirm the seriousness of your intentions.
  • You immediately send money to the account of the scammers and start waiting for the agreed date.
  • This is where the fun begins! Day X is passing, and the person you wanted to get rid of is still alive and happy. Unfortunately, the realization that you have been scammed does not come to mind right away.

This kind of work as a killer in Sochi has been practiced for several years. Scammers get under your skin and, taking advantage of your unstable emotional state, simply leave you penniless.