Ordering a Killer for Wife

How do I order a killer for my wife?

The reasons for wanting to kill your own wife or mistress can be different: a desire to get a good inheritance, not wanting to share your business / property in case of divorce, you want a new wife, or the reason is that she found out something and threatens to blackmail you. In our agency, killers will not ask you the reason and you will keep your confidentiality, you may not even say that she is your wife, just say that this woman needs to be removed, they’ll do the rest for you.

Ordering a Killer for Wife

Our hitmen will execute the order at the lowest possible price that isn’t humiliating. You can present any requirements if they are real and you are ready to pay extra for them. Departures for a surcharge to other cities and even countries are possible. We have killers working in the CIS, the EU and some other countries. There are 4 main options for an order murder: a headshot in a dark place, a simulated unintentional murder by a migrant during a robbery, kidnapping and burying a corpse in the forest, and a fatal accident. The methods are listed in order of increasing cost.

If found us because of your friends’ recommendation, you know for sure that it is POSSIBLE to do this through us. We do search, training, verification and guarantor of the transaction (the contractor will not receive ANYTHING until he completes the order and you send confirmation that everything worked out). All communication between the performer and the client takes place through us in order to secure the performer and the customer in the event of the intervention of the FSB and other cop gangs.

How do I order from you?

There’s nothing hard about it. Since you are reading this, it means that you’ve already found a reliable killer agency. You just have to message us on our only e-mail address: or to our only Telegram channel: and tell all the information about the victim, you’ll be told an approximate price, the exact price will be named after discussing all the details, + -10% Don’t be afraid, we will not overcharge you, people now have no money. Do not forget to state everything accurately and without errors so that there are no problems and unpleasant surprises for the performer during the case. Although the performers are always experienced, it’s still better that everything goes smoothly, without misfires.

By ordering the murder of your husband from us, you will be 100% sure that you will remain confidential, your data will definitely not get into the wrong hands, as well as the data of the performers, we value our reputation.