How Much Does a Killer Cost?

How Much Does a Killer Cost?

Cost of Killer Services on the Black Market

Unfortunately, people are briefly taught how to make websites in computer science classes in village schools, but there is nothing exciting to do in the village. This leads to some beautiful and not very beautiful websites offering killer services. As you may have guessed, the only thing they sell on these websites are promises, and thanks to this, if you tell them “oh, I don’t have 700.000 rubles, I only have 40.000 rubles,” they will agree; for a high schooler/a hungry student this means a lot of money. As you noticed, we have reviews and videos of evidence of having BATTLE weapons, so let’s move on.

Because of the unfavorable economic situation in the country, there is a high demand for low-skilled killers for “an affordable price”, in poor regions, it can drop to as low as 50,000 rubles. We don’t consider bums who work for a bottle of vodka, because after the case they’ll be caught and you’ll be caught, but you will get a longer term and it will happen with a 95% chance. We do not live in the 90s anymore, there are cameras everywhere around the clock and streets are full of patrols and witnesses. We will nevertheless study prices from killers who at least have learned the elementary safety rules, natural selection works very well in our business, the idiots leave after the very first case and leave not by their own will …

Before our service and the neighboring criminal forum, prices varied greatly, people had to hire through friends, which was already pretty dangerous. The price could start from 5.000 rubles and end up in several million for “bigger fish”, and this was for the money of the years 2000-2008! The average price per person in Moscow, near the Moscow Ring Road is now 400,000 rubles and continues to grow due to the constantly increasing number of high-resolution cameras and the number of patrols of the “low-grade” police or the Russian National Guard. In the far regions, the price is the same. This is connected to the fact that there are many killers in Moscow, and in smaller towns they will agree to do “the business” for a lower price, but they may be none of them in your city, and the killer will have to go to another city and you’ll pay extra for it. In other words, the law of supply and demand has stabilized the price only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Buy potassium cyanide, Buy poison for kill person, hire assasins, buy deadly poison, how poison people and rent a killer.

What affects the price, in the order of decreasing influence:

  1. Who the victim is. Eliminating an alcoholic in the Moscow suburbs and eliminating a middle-class businessman somewhere near the center of Moscow, where 5 cameras are watching every square meter of the street, these will be different prices.
  2. The elimination method. I have already described the methods, I will describe it again: simply shooting in the head in a gutter, a murder disguised as a robbery by a migrant under the cameras, a removal with a burial far in the forest, a car accident imitation. The more difficult it is, the more expensive it is.
  3. Deadlines. The faster you need to complete the order, the less time for investigation; it is more dangerous, the chance of misfire is higher, and it’s just simply more stressful.
  4. Do I need to travel to another city. Ticket, accommodation cost money.

Therefore, in order to find out the price, describe your target as approximately and impersonally as you can.

A Little Info about our Killer Agency

We select only professional killers and train them in modern methods of the business. Until the performer passes the “exam” on a real, inconspicuous target, no one will trust them with any work. These days, even a cashier in a convenience store needs to be interviewed! And not all of them pass it! I, the owner of this service, have had experience of communicating with performers since 2003, at that time the first really safe ways of communication came about, so I am still on the loose and continue to study and improve my team of performers. Can you get a job in our agency? Of course, yes, but as I already said, you have to PROVE your prof. suitability by a method that cops cannot pass, and students cannot fake with the help of video editing. By the way, in the last 3 years, the number of performers who contacts us just to pull the prepayment out of us and do no job has increased significantly! I would describe it all with some harsher words, but then the search engines can even remove my website from the search list. Got to hold it back. I have learnt to understand from the first message whether a person has come for the real deal, for money or simply to waste my time. To be honest, I’m scared to even imagine what is going on with “killers” on other websites.

It is the same when it comes to beatings/stalking/arsons. Until the performer passes the test, they will not receive any work, there are always a lot of parasites, and there aren’t enough people who are ready to work. Plus, there are people who text me and threaten that if I don’t transfer them 100 bitcoins, they will complain to the Russian authorities/police/hosting provider/domain registrar and my website will get deleted; of course, I protected the website from this as much as possible, but, even though rarely, they manage to mess with me. What can I say, people cannot come to terms with their inferiority, they understand that some people make loads of cash (performers) and customers get a benefit and also get loads of money, and they are miserable and unhappy feeling left out, and because of their childhood insecurities, they are afraid to start working for real. In my team, people always earn at least 2 times higher than the average in the region!