Killer services

Killer services

Ordering a murder on the Internet. Real service or another scam?

Many people go through some events that push them to rash decisions. As a result of a strong emotional shock from the fact that their loved one, colleague or neighbor insulted them, even the most law-abiding citizen may consider the most extraordinary options for solving the problem, including the services of a killer for physical violence. I would like to note right away that we don’t support solutions of this kind and believe that any problem can always be solved with peace.

Killer on the web. Can you hire a real killer?

Asking yourself a question of where you can order the killer services for cheap, naive people first of all start googling on the Internet. It is quite a logical decision, because over the past few years we have become so accustomed to looking for goods and services on the World Wide Web that, even when an extraordinary situation arises, we turn for help there.

Is it real to order the murder of a person via the Internet? of course not! Think for yourself, can a professional whose main job is killing people advertise their services on public resources? This type of “activity” is illegal and guarantees a huge prison term.

Who would place advertisements of this nature on the Internet: “I offer the services of a killer inexpensively”, “services of killers at reasonable prices”, etc. Such “work” is done exclusively by experienced scammers, whose main goal is to make quick money on gullible people.

Who can be a victim of pseudo-killers?

More often than not, it’s the naive people who resort to searching for a killer on the Internet, believing that “specialists” of this kind offer their services to everyone.

As a rule, people start looking for killer services in Moscow in a state of strong emotional imbalance caused by resentment or other negative factors. In this state, the sanest person won’t immediately understand that they are being scammed, and remains sure that they will get help with their plan.

How much do killer services cost?

Scammers have vast experience in their business and will use any method to achieve what they want. They use simple psychological tricks and try in every possible way to convince the client in their honest intentions. The result of such collaboration is always the same: the client is left without money, and the “killer” disappears out of the blue.

It can be concluded then that the victims of scammers are mostly naive people who are in the state of strong emotional turmoil.

Hiring a killer online. How does it work?

The scammers are constantly improving their skills and coming up with new tricks to deceive people. When a person decides to order the services of a killer in Moscow prices on the Internet, then everything happens as follows:

  1. The user finds the needed type of website on the Internet and visits it. Immediately, they are bombarded with a huge number of terrible photos from accident scenes, images of weapons and people armed head to toe in masks. A person looks through the information and begins to believe that they will get help here. In fact, all pictures and even textual information are copy-pasted from other sources, not even related to this type of activity.
  2. When the visitor has fully looked through all the information on the website, they are invited to contact the “assassin” to clarify the details. On the phone, the “killer” talks about their many years of experience and maybe even brings examples of contract murders that were committed a long time ago, hinting that it was their job. Being in an unstable emotional state, a person begins to believe the fraud, and, without wasting time, offers to make a pre-payment. According to the fraudster, pre-payment for services is necessary in order to confirm your intention. How much does the killer service cost? Basically, in order not to scare people away, scammers ask for small amounts, which sometimes do not exceed 200-300 hundred dollars.
  3. The client wants to finish their plan as soon as possible, and they immediately transfer funds to the fraudster’s account and, with fear in heart, begin to wait for the “X” date. But then a day, two, a week, the second week passes, and the person who was supposed to be removed still comes to the office every day and greets you with a smile. The realization that everything you experienced was nothing more than a “scam”, alas, does not come immediately.

Interestingly enough, in this case the naive customer won’t be able to return their money. You can’t go to the police with a statement that a dishonest killer took the money, but did not perform the work, can you?

Well, it turns out that the price of the killer services is affordable, everyone can order and even pay for it. As for the order itself, as you can see, everything ends up in a banal scenario, and the person is left without the money or, even worse, gets into unimaginable debts.