Hiring a killer

Hiring a killer

Hiring a killer through the Internet. Is it possible?

Wishing to get rid of your unfaithful spouse, colleague or competitor, anyone in a fit of anger and despair can think about ordering a killer. To our great regret, such an idea can arise even in the head of a sensible person, so, uncontrollable emotions are to blame for everything in this case.

Killers on the web. Pros or con artists?

Is it possible to order a killer in Moscow using the Internet? Of course not! why is that? The fact is that not a single sane “specialist” whose primary task is to protect their confidentiality will openly advertise themselves on public resources. Contract murders are crimes for which both the customer and the performer face a long-term sentence. So, you must agree that only an unreasonable person or a professional scammer will risk advertising this kind of activity.

Asking yourself a question of where you order a killer, inexperienced and naive users immediately choose the Internet as a source of information. This is not surprising, because in recent years we have become so used to searching for goods and services on the Internet that today we are opening a search engine to solve all our problems.

If there are no real killers on the “specialized” websites, then why do such resources exist? Quite simple! People create such websites with only one goal – quick profit from naive visitors. Such sources of information, as a rule, don’t exist for long and it is possible that, having decided to visit the selected website again in just a few days, you simply won’t find it. There can be many reasons for this, for example, unwillingness to be caught by the police or a trivial lack of funds to pay for domain rent.

Ordering a murder from a killer through the Internet is simply impossible. If this information is not entirely convincing for you, then we recommend that you learn about the obvious signs of fraudulent activity on the Internet resources:

  • Too much information. To gain your trust and create an image of a “reliable partner”, scammers fill their websites with a huge amount of completely irrelevant information. It can be both numerous photos of people in masks, images of firearms and cold weapons, as well as separate headings full of reviews of satisfied customers. Information in such cases is presented with grammatical errors and is often copied from third-party resources that are not related to this type of activity.
  • Service rates.  To prevent you from changing your mind about ordering a killer, scammers make up a price list in which prices are more than affordable. How much do you think a person’s life is worth? There is no unambiguous answer to this question, so naive people take it for the truth that by paying just a couple of hundred dollars, you can get rid of any person.
  • Discussion of the details of the “case”. Pseudo-killers ask their customers to contact them via phone or email to discuss details. Having contacted the hitmen, you say that I want to order a killer to eliminate this or that person and ask the “pros” how exactly such a “case” can be organized. This is where the fun begins. A fraudster in tells you about completed orders in all details, and also offers several scenarios of the event. At the same time, his speech is more like a template or the words of the main character in a film about gangsters. A sane person recognizes the pretense in the words of a scammer, but a visitor whose emotions overwhelm their mind is unlikely to notice a catch.

Everything always comes to the same end – you make an pre-payment and after a few days you realize that you were simply scammed, and you willingly gave a large amount of money to a complete stranger, without having received any services.

Scammer killers on the Internet. Why does it really work?

Experienced scammers are working on the creation of websites where you can allegedly order the killer to take a job on yourself or another person. They are very familiar with various psychological gimmicks and have many tricks up their sleeves, even for the most cautious and prudent visitors. In addition, pseudo-killers know that people who look for these services are in a so-called “state of passion” caused by negative emotions and shocks.

Where can you order a killer?

Scammers use the emotional state of the client in order to force them to make a pre-payment for services that weren’t initially planned. By the time a naive person realizes what happened to them, the “killer” will have been gone.

When getting involved in this kind of “activity”, remember that you won’t be able to get your money back. Well, you wouldn’t go to the police with a statement that you were scammed by a dishonest killer?