Hiring a killer on the Internet. Frauds or professionals?

Hiring a killer on the Internet. Frauds or professionals?

Today, thanks to the existence and rapid development of the virtual space of the web, each user can find and order any service, even without leaving home, if they wish so. Can you hire a hitman through the World Wide Web? In this article, we will try to sort out this rather delicate issue together with you.

Looking for professional killers. What pushes people to do it?

Let’s start with the moral aspect of the issue. What should force a person to take such actions and start looking for a “specialist” who can take a person’s life for a certain amount of money? Unfortunately, almost anything can be the cause. In this case, everything depends on the nature of the customer and how critically they assess the current situation.

Impulsive people, to some extent devoid of common sense, rush to find a killer even for the most insignificant reasons, which include the following:

  • Adultery. His wife started an affair, and the mad husband wants to take revenge on the offender and eliminate him as quickly as possible.
  • The opposite case: the wife plans to hire a killer for her cheating husband and his mistress.
  • Inheritance. The desire to receive an inheritance as quickly as possible and not wait for the natural death of your elderly relative.
  • Easy profit. Unfortunately, it is also a common reason as to why people act so desperately. The person decides to hire an online killer to eliminate a business partner in order to gain complete control over the business object.
  • Competitors. Hiring a killer can also be due to wishing to quickly eliminate a competitor that interferes with making a profit from a certain type of activity.

These are the most common situations in which even the most law-abiding citizen may decide to take extreme measures. However, as practice shows (due to information provided in the media), anything can become a reason for reprisals against a person, up to an ordinary fight during family or friend gatherings over a bottle of beer.

Hiring killers on the web – a thriving scamming industry

Desperate people hire a killer in a state of passion, therefore, more often than not, they simply cannot reasonably evaluate either their actions or the very absurdity of the situation. After reading detective novels and watching crime series, naive people, first of all, start looking for a professional killer on the Internet. They just type into a search engine “need to hire a killer price” or “I want to hire a killer” and expect the system to give them up-to-date and reliable information about the professionals in their field.

Of course, the search engine gives out a number of websites that meet the request, and the user begins to browse them in search of a “specialist” who can provide a service for a relatively cheap price. This is where the most “interesting stuff” begins. Such actions can be fully explained by the emotional state of a person. Well, in the end, where can you hire a killer other than on the Internet? You wouldn’t buy a newspaper for this, would you?

Where can I hire a killer

Any at least somewhat reasonable person should understand that services of this kind are illegal (not to mention the moral side of the issue), therefore, not a single killer will offer their service openly through the Internet. Such “work” is carried out exclusively by scammers, whose main task is to make some easy profit on the trust of naïve people. You can’t imagine what tricks scammers use to create the necessary image and win over website visitors.

Quite often, scammers do the following to prove their “professionalism”:

  • They post photos of the most modern weapons, knives, sniper rifles, etc. on the pages of the site.
  • They fill the website with detailed photos from car accidents (according to them, this is their work).
  • They post a large number of images of people in masks, supposedly they are “specialists” who are ready to accept and complete the order.
  • They dedicate a separate place to the reviews of satisfied customers. This is one of the most interesting and even funny ideas, which, unfortunately, brings the needed results to the scammers. Reviews, as a rule, are monotonous and are designed approximately in the following spirit: “I ordered a killer. Everything was fine. The work was done quickly”, “I am satisfied with the cooperation”. I will also contact my friends and recommend it”, “I decided to hire a killer in St. Petersburg. Colleagues advised this company. I was satisfied with the cooperation”, etc. A reasonable person will just google at such reviews, but a naive person will believe that these are professionals working on the website.

In order to fill the website with the maximum amount of information, scammers do everything necessary to the extent that they describe possible scenarios for the development of events in an assassination. They offer poisoning with cyanide or other poisons, organization of an “accident”, and even services to eliminate the body without any traces. After reading such articles, a person who has never faced any fraudulent actions of third parties decides to hire a killer in Moscow, without even thinking about the possible repercussions.

Hiring scammer-killers. How does it work?

Having considered or not considering all the terrible consequences of their own intention, the Internet user finds information about where to hire a killer and goes to the selected website. As mentioned above, the owners of the website are not really honest citizens who are hungry for quick money.

By phone or e-mail, the customer contacts the “performer” and discusses all the nuances of the “case”. The scammer describes possible scenarios for the murder in all details, trying to pass themselves off as an experienced specialist, on whose account there is a huge number of completed orders, including from the “powers-that-be”. The naive client gets ready for their leg to be pulled and decides to hire a killer in Yekaterinburg and agrees to all the offered conditions with no objections.

Killer services for an affordable price

then the scammers ask for a pre-payment, which sometimes exceeds 50% of the total amount, and send the customer details for the transfer of funds. A person sends money and waits for the “business” to be done at the appointed time. However, the date “X” is approaching, and the killer is nowhere to be found. A week passes. The second week – nothing. The person who was supposed to be eliminated goes to work and greets you every morning with a satisfied smile on their face!

The realization that the idea of hiring a killer in Samara was unsuccessful does not come right away. However, when this time comes, the person falls into a rage, despair and begins to look for contacts of that very “professional killer”.  The customer attempts to open the website again or call the number saved after the last conversation. Both the first and second options do not give positive results. Money is irreversibly lost, and your heart feels as heave as a rock.

How much does it cost to hire a killer? this question is very interesting, but there is no exact answer to it. Often scammers, in order not to scare off customers with huge amounts, set fairly affordable prices, which sometimes do not exceed several thousand rubles. Reasonable people can immediately realize that a service with such a degree of risk and delicacy can’t cost only a couple of hundred dollars. Those who seriously believe that a person’s life has such a price should seriously reconsider their worldview.

How can I tell that this is scammers’ website?

There are several parameters which allow experienced web users to detect scammers.

For clarity, we will only give the most common signs that activities on a certain resource are conducted by dishonest citizens:

  1. Safe entrance. To lure a client and supposedly protect themselves from law enforcement officers, “pros” offer to pass a simple test. The way you answer basic questions will determine whether you will be able to access the website to order a killer or whether you will be redirected to some game resource. The intrigue created already when trying to access the resource gives an inexperienced Internet user the confidence that they have come to a good place and a professional will definitely help them.
  • Website is down. If you decide to visit the selected resource again, but nothing was found in the search results, then don’t be surprised. Most likely, the “killer” simply forgot or was unable to pay the rent for the domain on time.
  • Website design. Duplicate photos, grammatical and spelling mistakes in articles and sections indicate that the page was created “in haste” for the purpose of quick profit and most likely you won’t find it the next time you try to access it.
  • Reviews. We’ve already told you above that some “craftsmen” post reviews of allegedly satisfied customers on the resources. You can read such nonsense only to get some good laugh. Do you think that an experienced killer (real one) would create a website for their services, and even create a separate place for reviews of those whom they have “helped” in the recent past?

We hope that from all the information offered above, it is now crystal clear that it is simply impossible to hire a killer on the Internet. Such services are promised only by frauds who arrange a real “scam party” and make good money on the gullibility and despair of some people.

Apart from the risk of being scammed, think about whether it is worth it and carefully weigh the pros and cons, not forgetting about the moral aspects of the case. We believe that there is no problem that can be solved with violence.